Maximum Rhythm and Blues

Monday, January 21, 2013

Kim Jung Mi - Now (1973)

Whew, folky Korean psych rock, just right to counter the frozen winds.  And the best of the best too!  Shin Joong Hyun is the godfather of Korean rock music.  He built his own radio to listen to American rock, got introduced the Beatles and acid, and made psychedelia a reality in Korea.  He was blacklisted for not singing a song to praise the Korean dictator, and was eventually arrested and tortured in prison/a psychiatric facility for marijuana charges.  Thankfully, he has since been released and his music has finally gotten world-wide acclaim.  This folk psych rock gem, "Now", has him playing guitar alongside the Francois Hardy of Korea (several other blogs used that comparison but I think it's a good one).  Her voice is gorgeous, his guitar is groovy, and this album rules.



  2. I think that the DL link is to the album "Wind" instead of "Now." Both great albums, but can you link "Now" too? Thanks!

  3. Confirmed. This is "Wind" , thank you. Please post "Now". many thanks.

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