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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shakespeare and The Last Empire - My Old Jams Still Slam (1989)

Jeff the Intern here, slaving well into the night with little or no pay, all to help Real Folk Blog in its goal of identifying and promoting music that not only slams, but still slams.  This one was easy.  

All hyperbole aside, these old jams still slam.   

At the risk of marking out like some hip-hop noob,  records like this are what hip-hop should be about.  The rhymes are tight, the samples are lively, grooves utterly danceable. Shakespeare is our Master of Ceremonies, and it is a title he wears around his waist like a championship belt.  Like the bard before him, Shakespeare makes sure that his s*** slams.  It slams, slammed, and continues to slam.  It is slamming.

Check out the crew on the fourth track, or track five when Shakespeare has sex with that female police officer, or the third song when Shakespeare tells us to hang in there and stay in school.  Or just listen to the title track, the first song on the album, and find out what cereal Shakespeare eats in the morning.  Really, the whole thing is worth a spin or two, because it's fun; and honestly, you don't have anything better to do.

But for now, your humble intern, whose nerves are half-fried from coffee, stress, and lack of documented income, must move on to the next job demanded by the higher-ups on the team.

Knowledge, Education, Fame, and Girls.  Jeff the Intern, out.



  2. Tight, bro! Huge thanx man.

  3. Dope (as they say in 2018)