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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sergei Prokofiev - Peter and The Wolf - 1936

It is now time, ladies and gentleman, For's first ever Symphony Saturday!!! *applause*
     For this inaugural installment I have chosen a very special symphony for you very special readers. Feast your ears, dear reader, on Peter and The Wolf!  *booming applause*
     Composed in 1936 by Russia's own Sergei Prokofiev, this symphony hits all the right spots. Prokofiev's 67th Opus is chock-full of everyones favorite woodwind instruments including oboes, bassoons, and flutes. The excitement does not stop there however, as Prokofiev stirs in brass, strings, and percussion.
     To top it off, this symphony tells the heroic tale of a boy adventurer and his vanquishment of a wretched hellhound. A regular Rusty Venture, I'd say.

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