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Monday, December 10, 2012

Horst Jankowski - Traumklang und Rythmus - 1965

     Hello again guys and gals, before we jump into the heart of another spectacular album, on behalf of the crew here at I would like to thank all of you for your continued support.
     Enough with the sentimental mumbo-jumbo, let's groove. Today yours truly - tdawg007 - has quite the treat for all you lounge fans out there. Horst Jankowski, the classically trained German pianist exploded onto the lounge scene in this debut album. Recorded in 1965, this album was the first of many to be released throughout Jankowski's 30+ year career. Regardless this debut record does not disappoint so naysayers pipe down.
     For those of you how don't speak German, allow me to serve as an interpreter. "Traumklang und Rythmus"translates to Fantistic Sound and Rhythm" and this could not be a more accurate title. This is the perfect set of tunes to unwind to after a particularly grueling day of work. What's that? You don't work? Well fear not loyal listener, this record is just as perfect to bust out when reading, writing, or even entertaining a small group!
     Beautiful melodies and tear-jerking vocal harmonies clasp your ears about the lobes and do not loosen until the album has run its full course. Don't believe me? Let Horst show you himself, check out the legs on "Ich Bin Verliebt"
     But alas, one of the tracks featured on this album are posted on youtube. Instead, i'll give you a little sample of what you can expect. Ladies and Gentleman, Horst Jankowski!

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