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Monday, November 26, 2012

Gary McFarland - The In Sound (1965)

I love me a good lounge album, and this album does not disappoint!  Los Angeles native Gary McFarland only played music for 12 years, yet collaborated with Bill Evans, Stan Getz, Anita O'Day, Johnny Hodges, Gerry Mulligan, and many other jazz legends of the day.  Rocking the vibraphone, McFarland has a sound like no other.  "The In Sound" finds McFarland teaming up with Hungarian pop-rock jazz guitarist Gábor Szabó for a classic lounge-pop sound.  Who knows where McFarland would have taken his jazz sound if his life hadn't been cut short, poisoned by a methadone spiked drink at the famous dockworkers union hangout, 55 Bar.



  2. Moment of Truth is incredible. Matter of fact, this whole album sounds incredible.

  3. Thanks for this nice discovery! Insounds for the lounge lizard, bam bam bo ....
    with a dreamy Satisfaction cover whistling softly past you.

  4. Thanks so much for this, cheers